• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Corus International

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Corus International

As a values-driven organization working to eliminate poverty and suffering throughout the world, people are at the heart of Corus International. We recognize that racism, prejudice and intolerance are societal diseases that stand in the way of all of us reaching our full potential, as individuals and communities.

At Corus, we believe our unrelenting commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our worldwide workplace will bring about:

  • thriving communities,
  • an inspiring reputation,
  • unequivocal trust with staff, stakeholders, and project participants, and
  • significant progress in social justice.

We know people are our greatest strength and we will continuously strive to be an organization that values people, respecting the individual experiences and unique talents of each employee, stakeholder and project participant.

We also celebrate the harmony of the collective parts gathered under the Corus umbrella. We will continuously work to create a universal culture that embraces everyone while striving toward visible and significant progress in attaining universal social justice.

Just as our pursuit to eliminate poverty and suffering will never end, neither will our pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, the people of Corus will exemplify what it means to love one another as neighbors.

Corus International Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Definitions

The following outlines how Corus International defines diversity, equity and inclusion. These definitions are what guide our DEI effort; however, they are subject to change as we learn, listen and work.

Diversity: We define diversity as the representation of all our varied identities and differences collectively and as individuals (race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, age, tribe, caste, politics, socio-economic status, thinking and communication styles, etc.). We proactively seek to recruit, engage, understand, value and draw on a variety of perspectives. With diversity as our most powerful tool, we rely on the varied experiences of our staff, stakeholders and project participants to best realize innovative and creative solutions to achieve our vision.

Equity: We believe that creating a fair and impartial environment requires collegiality, respect and dignity. At best, we seek to create an organizational culture that continuously implements practices and policies that result in fair treatment, access to opportunities and resources for all. We acknowledge that equity is an active, ongoing process that involves constant evaluation. We are committed to ensuring that we provide our staff, stakeholders, and those we serve with the resources they need to succeed.

Inclusion: Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that allows for staff, stakeholders and project participants to have the physical and psychological safety to bring their authentic selves to our work every single day. We welcome inclusive practices that encourage every staff member to express themselves comfortably, without fear or reservation. We also constantly challenge ourselves to create a culture that ensures our staff value and embrace diversity, yet also embrace individuality as a cause for celebration.

Our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Goals

In pursuit of our vision for a diverse, equitable and inclusive Corus International, we have set the following organizational goals:

  • Increase diversity, especially among leadership, within the Corus family board, staff, stakeholders and project participants.
  • Create a universal, inclusive culture that promotes equitable practices and in which staff treat each other equally.
  • Acknowledge and dismantle inequities within our policies, systems and programs, and continually update and report organizational progress.

We look forward to holding ourselves accountable to these goals and reporting our progress. If you have any questions about our DEI work, please contact our Senior Director of People, Diversity and Culture, Teuta Bucaj.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

With the full support of Corus International's board of directors and leadership, ongoing DEI work is led by a cross-departmental DEI Council in collaboration with global staff participation in ongoing projects and initiatives.

The role of our DEI Council is to coordinate the organization-wide diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives for Corus International and ensure progression toward the organizational DEI goals, as well as to communicate with staff and other stakeholders. The Council is responsible for the creation and implementation of the organization’s DEI strategy by defining shared goals, assigning clear roles, setting milestones, and ensuring there are open lines of communication between the group and the wider organization.