• What We Do

What We Do

Poverty and health are intrinsically linked. An impoverished family can scarcely afford health care. A sick breadwinner may be unable to earn income. A country unable to invest in medical professionals, facilities, and resources will have weak health systems.

Corus is an ensemble of organizations working in concert to deliver the holistic, lasting solutions needed to overcome these interrelated challenges. Together with our local partners, we reduce poverty at the same time as improving communities’ health.

We want those struggling today to enjoy a healthier, more prosperous tomorrow.

What we do



We collaborate with local partners and governments to build capacity, access resources and address public health needs of people affected by poverty, conflict, and other hardships.

  • Health systems strengthening
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Maternal and child health
  • Nutrition
  • WASH
  • Sexual and gender-based violence 
  • Global health security

Rural economic development

We work with local partners and enterprises to help rural communities struggling with poverty to develop productive, resilient, and stable economies.

  • Market systems analysis
  • Agriculture value chain strengthening
  • Livelihood diversification
  • Climate smart and improved agriculture practices
  • Water and land management
  • Enterprise capacity building
  • Rural financing

Impact investing

We invest in enterprises that  help small-scale farmers capture more value from their crops. We reinvest any profits beyond what goes to farmers and company growth into complementary development programming for local communities. 

  • Equity investments
  • Technical assistance
  • Organizational management training
  • Complementary social services
  • Marketing 
CORUS Impact Investing


Humanitarian Assistance

When a disaster hits – whether it’s a drought, earthquake or civil war – we work hand in hand with communities over months and years to help them recover and adjust to new realities, ensuring that they are prepared to withstand the next unexpected challenge.

  • Cash transfers and vouchers
  • Non-food items and material resources
  • Shelter
  • WASH
  • Emergency health response
  • Early recovery and livelihood rehabilitation
  • Disaster risk reduction
What we do - CORUS

Technology for Development

We harness the growing accessibility of smartphones and other technologies to improve the rapidity, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of our humanitarian assistance and development programming. 

  • Mobile banking and cash transfers
  • Mobile data collection and management
  • Information sharing and education via SMS 
  • Digital learning platforms
  • Digital administrative systems 
  • Geospatial satellite imagery 

Cross-Cutting Themes

We promote gender equity, positive youth development, and resilience in our work. We continually assess the gender constraints, youth needs, and shocks and stressors that are affecting these communities’ ability to thrive. We design programming that addresses the specific needs of women and young people and ensures communities can maintain development gains when difficult times arise.