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Health care solutions in fragile settings

IMA World Health

Founded in 1960 by an ecumenical consortium of faith-based organizations, IMA World Health (IMA) helps fragile communities overcome public health challenges. They incorporate the best in science and public health programming into existing local systems to achieve sustainable health, healing and well-being for all.

IMA joins local partners and governments to strengthen health systems, prevent and treat diseases, improve maternal and child health, promote nutrition and WASH, respond to sexual and gender-based violence, and take action in global health crises.

Corus World Health

In 2021, IMA World Health established Corus World Health as its sister organization to advance its lifesaving mission. Charitable donations to Corus World Health directly support IMA's long respected global health programs. Visit Corus World Health.


COVID-19 Response

  • IMA contributed significantly to overcoming the 2018 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing contact tracing, PPE, handwashing and other interventions that now reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. Drawing from the successes in this Ebola work, IMA continues to reinforce WASH practices and is supporting the DRC’s health system response to COVID-19 with the introduction of digital health solutions.
  • Through its partnerships with local Christian Health Associations across Africa, IMA is providing information and training to front-line health care workers that serve communities where spread is most likely.

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