• Five organizations, one mission: saving lives and livelihoods in the COVID-19 pandemic

Five organizations, one mission: saving lives and livelihoods in the COVID-19 pandemic

LATEST: Corus International is working with longstanding local partners to respond to the COVID-19 surge in India and Nepal, providing support to overwhelmed hospitals and helping rural communities to limit the spread of the virus. Working through our subsidiaries Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health, we are assisting hospitals in accessing critical supplies like personal protective equipment, oxygen, ventilators and basic medicines. We are also helping long-standing community organizations that reach deep into communities, providing information and supplies to prevent COVID's spread. Read More.

Situation Report No. 2: 2021 Global COVID-19 Response

OVERVIEW: The novel coronavirus has exposed how connected we are as humanity and just how many of our problems are related.

Corus has launched a phased, multi-sectoral COVID-19 response that leverages our technical expertise in health, emergency response, livelihoods and agriculture, and uses our longstanding local partnerships with faith-based health networks, farmer cooperatives and local government entities to respond more effectively to health and economic shocks, support recovery and build long-term resilience.

The first phase of Corus' immediate response activities includes health facility interventions, such as infection prevention and control training, PPE provision and community-level interventions, such as WASH, cash transfers, food distribution, and social and behavior change communications.

Medium-term livelihoods interventions seek to strengthen social protection and safety nets, and to restore and improve market functions while health interventions further leverage community resources for testing and surveillance and strengthen case management in facilities.

Longer-term activities strengthen the capacity and resilience of health systems and communities to cope with future shocks. As with all of our programming, Corus’ COVID response is context-driven and locally led.

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