Corus International condemns racism

Corus International condemns racism

Corus International stands united in our condemnation of racism in all forms, in the U.S. and everywhere.

We abhor the senseless violence against and killings of people of color – including the ongoing violence against African-Americans and the increase in violence against the Asian-American/Pacific Islander communities.

Racism and intolerance are societal diseases that stand in the way of all of us reaching our full potential, as individuals and community.

We believe that social justice and respect for the human dignity of every person are fundamental building blocks for all we do as an organization devoted to ending poverty and promoting healthy communities in the world.

We join with you in mourning, praying and working toward radical change in our hearts, in our streets and in the systems that have for so long denied justice and opportunity to people of color.

And yet, we recognize that the biases that fuel these atrocities exist everywhere and that it is our responsibility to listen, learn and take action to confront them.

Therefore, we are recommitting ourselves to modeling our ideal that everyone deserves dignity, respect and fairness. We are embracing open and honest conversation and instituting training in diversity and inclusion. We recommend law enforcement agencies do the same.

Corus is more than 800 human hearts strong, and our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

At Corus, we believe that good only grows stronger. For this time in history to be a turning point for our country, and not only a flashpoint, we individually and institutionally must initiate, support and carry out changes for good. Together we can set in motion forces that can transform our broken world.

Learn more about our ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Corus International is the parent of a family of long-serving organizations committed to ending poverty and building healthy communities in the world’s most challenging places. Drawing on a heritage of nearly 150 years, Corus connects and catalyzes non-profit and for-profit subsidiaries that include Lutheran World Relief, IMA World Health, CGA Technologies, Ground Up Investing and LWR Farmers Market Coffee. Alongside communities in fragile settings, their dedicated experts integrate disciplines, approaches and people to grow local economies, eliminate extreme poverty, ensure access to quality health care, mitigate climate change and respond to humanitarian crises.