• CGA Technologies

Technological solutions for development challenges

Bringing opportunities through technology to marginalized communities is the backbone of CGA Technologies' approach to human development.

They work in some of the world’s hardest to reach and most complex environments, using context-suitable technology to design and implement practical management systems. Their minimized administrative structure employs in-country staff thoroughly integrated into existing local institutions and networks to foster countries’ journey to self-reliance.

COVID-19 Response

  • Long an advocate for cash disbursement assistance, CGA Technologies is promoting immediate cash assistance made available via cell phone as a way to reduce infection risk possible with in-person transactions. In Kenya, CGA Technologies worked with the government’s Refugee Affairs Secretariat to allow refugees to create mobile money accounts with their Refugee ID.
  • CGA Technologies is adapting existing programming to fast-track money and educational resources to teachers, students and their families while schools are closed during the pandemic.

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