VenInformado InfoPa'lante: Advancing support for migrants and refugees in Latin America

Yesibeth Centeno, Peru Project Manager, presents at the relaunch event of VenInformado InfoPa’lante. 

VenInformado InfoPa'lante: Advancing support for migrants and refugees in Latin America

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The Venezuelan humanitarian crisis reached its peak in 2018, yet five years later, it remains high on the agenda for countries in the region. The digital platform VenInformado was created by Lutheran World Relief in partnership with Encuentros Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes (Encuentros SJM) to respond to the crisis. Its mission is to provide valuable, accurate, timely, and easily understandable information to individuals arriving in Peru, helping them navigate the complexities of legal status, as well as access education, healthcare, employment, and their rights. These areas are vital for successful integration and social adaptation in the host country.

In 2023, a new opportunity emerged to further strengthen the platform by forging an alliance between Lutheran World Relief, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Encuentros SJM. Now, as part of the SignPost network, VenInformado integrates with over 20 information platforms for migrants and refugees worldwide.  

The platform was relaunched as VenInformado InfoPa’lante, expanding its reach to offer information and guidance to individuals throughout Latin America. Whether their destination is Peru or they are traversing multiple Latin American countries, this free platform is here to provide the support that migrants may need.

The relaunch event of VenInformado InfoPa'lante

At the relaunch event of the VenInformado InfoPa’lante platform.

In just five years, VenInformado has cultivated a community of over 50,000 followers across its social media platforms. Its website receives an average of 40,000 monthly visitors. Most importantly, the platform has provided free assistance to over 60,000 inquiries, primarily concerning migration legal matters, but also covering requests for humanitarian assistance, livelihoods guidance, health care, mental health and other relevant topics to the integration process.

In this new phase, VenInformado InfoPa'lante is committed to further expanding its guidance and enhancing the range of support offered to the migrant and refugee community. This begins with the incorporation of a service map that will allow users to directly locate organizations providing support related to their specific needs. Another innovation will be connections with sister platforms in other countries of the region that will provide additional travel resources to individuals migrating to or through Peru, making their journey more safe and reliable.

With VenInformado InfoPa'lante, Lutheran World Relief, IRC and Encuentros SJM continue to advocate for safe and informed migration, accompanying migrants and refugees on their journey throughout Latin America.